Because we care about our clients’ hair health, we carefully selected the best of Wella’s hair coloring products.

These natural hair coloring ingredients are among the best on the market, and at the same time environment-friendly and respectful of your hair.

These hair products are made of natural organic pigments such as spices, olive oils and silk. The result on your hair is long lasting and wonderfully natural.

Cizors hair colour expert uses EOS plants hair color. It gives each client a personalized hair colour totally adapted to your natural shade.

Hair colouring in Paris by Cizor's

These organic hair colouring products are made of henna, plants, spices and natural pigments, giving the hair a shiny and healthy look. It also grows out much more naturally than classic hair colour and does not give you the bad looking roost growing back !

It is used on a natural-based hair colour to bring shimmer and shine, and to softly cover white hair.

It acts as a real care on the hair and scalp.

It coats and sheaths the hair fiber and acts transparently on white hair, giving a nuanced effect (so no “root” effect).

Organic hair coloring : from 59 euros.


Coloration cheveux bio

We introduce the organic highlights with clay : it is mainly composed of organic plant pigments, clay, silk proteins, amino acids, herbs and minerals.

The clay allows for lightening with light or very blond highlights.

This organic highlights with clay sweeping is non-allergenic and does not adhere to the hair.

In order to personalize each sweep, our teams apply a patina to the hair; a patina is a light coloured veil designed to shade highlighted or brushed hair.

This makes it possible to sublimate your hair highlights.

Highlights: from 49 up to 120 euros.